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FR Travel starts in 2011 with an idea to bring people closer to inspiring trips.


It is the ideal place to experience great stories. Customers come not only to know a destination, but also to live amazing moments with the guarantee of an experienced and quality service.

The company comes at a time of recession when there is a reduction in the level of economic activity. Refusing a contemplative attitude of the crisis, the company bets on pro-activity and the search for new markets thus contradicting the trend and creating dynamic and structured projects, always bearing in mind that ‘work gives work’.

FR Travel takes advantage of the professionalism and dynamism of its employees, offering a differentiated service and excellence that meets the interests and needs of its customers. We aim to provide a service of excellence and trust, betting on the personalization of the service and the constant search for the best service both in terms of price / quality / travel solutions and in terms of security and information.

At FR Travel we are passionate about what we do and it makes all the difference.



Gea National Convention 2021

Your agency FR Travel has won two awards.


FR Travel is an expression and example of positivity and optimism, focused on product quality and service creativity.

We take care of our customers according to their preferences and needs. We invest in loyalty relationships with our customers.


We are a reliable company that offers solutions and eliminates obstacles.


FR Travel takes a stance in which Training and Rigor go hand in hand:

The commitment to Training and constant learning exists in order to provide the best service and make FR Travel employees true knowledgeof destinations and the branch in general and travel consultants of excellence.

Rigor, because only with rigor it is possible to provide a quality service and develop a well-prepared productive structure capable of retaining the customer by the satisfaction of the services provided.


At FR Travel, customers are unique and important. We meet the specificity of each client. Through the loyalty of its customers FR Travel adds value to the satisfaction and comfort of a safe trip.


Our customers don’t come to us for a trip…  always seek us that they travel.

FR Travel has a dynamic team that aims at personalized service.


We try to find the ideal trip for each client according to their preferences by adding a good deal of availability and friendliness.

FR Travel employees find the best solutions, even if the client is not available to go to the agency.




> Fatima Ribeiro

Graduated in Management and with a vast curriculum and experience in the world of travel, Fátima is General Director and CEO of FR Travel.

He fulfilled his dream of opening his travel agency, through rigor and professionalism, characteristics always demarcated in his doctrine of work. FR Travel reflects its values: trust, positivity and dynamism.


> Elvira Santos

At the age of 38, Elvira already has almost 20 years of experience working as a travel agent.

After finishing the Technical Information/Management course, in 2002 he began his career in a travel agency, where he worked for 9 years and acquired many of the knowledge of the area. The contact with the public, and the realization of the “dreams” of customers, traveling the world without even leaving the desk, led her to fall in love with this area ….

In addition to the taste of traveling, he enjoys listening to music, dancing, going to the movies, walking outdoors, living with family and friends.

In 2011 he accepted the challenge of joining the FR TRAVEL team, and thus embrace a new project that he saw born, and with his experience, knowledge, dedication and sense of responsibility sees grow.


> André Loureiro

Graduated in Tourism at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, André traveled through many countries in Europe, and when he met new places, cultures and people, the taste of travel was instilled and was something that gave him personal taste, but could transform this for the professional part.

It was in 2016 when the opportunity arose to embrace the world of travel at FR Travel, that he managed to achieve a goal, to be able to make known the world to others and at the same time gain knowledge and experience for his future, so that he can continue to travel and get to know other corners of the world.


> Rodrigo Costa

Graduated in Tourism, from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, Rodrigo is passionate about travel from a very young beginning, feels that working in what he likes most is more than an opportunity.

Tunisia, Morocco and Mexico were some of the countries in which Rodrigo was in formation. Having now a much deeper knowledge of the destinations and thus be able to advise their customers.

Rodrigo has been with FR Travel for 4 years and his passion for travel continues day after day.


> Isabel Redeker

Graduated in Tourism from the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Isabel has been a travel agent at FR Travel since 2021.

Passionate about traveling and meeting new countries, she has already made her presence in some countries such as the United States, China and Turkey, among other European countries.

At the age of 23, she wants to continue to see the world and help her clients make their dream trips.


> Sandra Ferreira

Graduated in Tourism, in the area that has always interested her, Sandra has been a travel consultant for more than 18 years. At the age of 45, she’s passionate about travel and what she does.

He loves to meet new places, but also to revisit those where he was once happy. Traveling is your passion, having visited 28 countries!

Photography is one of your favorite hobbies.


> Andreia Duarte

In the early part of his career, Andreia is the latest member to join our team.

Graduated in Social Communication from the Higher School of Education of Viseu, is a marketing technique at FR Travel.

At the age of 23, the world of travel has always fascinated her, and has the dream and ambition to visit and explore various countries, with the certainty of working in the right place to do so.

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