Travel Warnings

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The Citizen Card is a mandatory identification document from the age of six years or earlier, if justified, as in a situation of leaving the country.

If absolutely necessary, with a week to live the baby can travel by plane, but it is best to wait until he is at least a month and a half. In any case, before travelling with your baby, you should always be advised by your doctor.

Therefore, if you wish to travel with your baby, you will have to take care of the Citizen Card. The Citizen Card has replaced the Identity Card, the Taxpayer Card, the Social Security Card and the National Health Service Card.

European Health Insurance Card (EEH) is the document that guarantees its beneficiaries medical assistance in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, in all situations, urgent or not.

If they are not accompanied by their parents, or by those who exercise parental authority, minors can only enter or leave Portugal with a written authorization. This document must have the date, be signed by the parent or by the person who exercises parental authority, and be certified.

If you are travelling with a minor who does not have parental authority, you must provide this authorisation.

For more information see the citizen’s

Travelling by car across the European Union

The Driving Licence issued in Portugal is recognised only in the countries of the European Community and in some Portuguese-speaking States. The national authorities of each country, such as embassies or consular posts in Portugal, may inform travellers whether the Portuguese document is sufficient to drive on their territory;

The Certificate of Registration is one of the documents required by some States;

The Green Card is yet another of the indispensable documents for motorists who want to leave Portugal by car. This document is proof of insurance recognised in 44 countries. Before travelling, drivers must ensure, with their insurance companies, that this letter covers the territorial extension they will travel. In most cases, it will be necessary to apply for a territorial extension and, where appropriate, to pay an additional premium. Drivers must also make sure that the letter will be within the expiry date throughout the travel period. The Office Portuguese Of Green Card, which operates in the Portuguese Association of Insurers, is the entity responsible for providing information on this matter. In the same sense, interested parties have at their disposal the site The Green Card System.

Traveling by Plane

To travel in one of the Member States of the European Union or Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, adults and children only need to present the valid Identity Card/Citizen Card.

To leave for a foreign country outside the community space, travelers are required to have their Passport updated.

Upon arrival at the destination it is advisable to deposit the original documents, as well as travel tickets, in the hotel safes in an attempt to avoid misinformation of documentation. In most countries it is sufficient to display certified photocopies with the hotel’s oil stamps.

In case of loss of a document, travellers must immediately contact the Portuguese authorities closest to where they are located. In this situation, consular posts and embassies of Portugal abroad can refer citizens.

Persons travelling to another State of the European Union, The European Economic Area or Switzerland must also apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHWOULD). This document allows the holder to enjoy clinical care when he is in one of those countries, thus not being obliged to return prematurely to Portugal for health reasons.


All bags and bags (hand and hold) must be tightly closed and identified with the name and address of travelers.

Medicines, dietary products or baby foods for consumption during travel are only permitted in hand baggage by means of medical proof of their need during the flight period;

Always have your boarding pass and your id people at hand.


Before leaving a list of the goods you wish to transport must be made, always taking into account that there are some items that are prohibited and that there is a limited weight for the carriage of luggage (exceeded this limit is charged an extra fee).

The conditions affecting the transport price, weight and dimensions of hand baggage 3e hold vary, inter alia, in low-cost companies.

Before the screening point at the airport, remove laptops and other large electrical/electronic appliances from your bag and disemptise your jacket, as they will be examined separately.

Avoid traveling with metal accessories (necklaces, bracelets, belts, shoes), as you may have to remove everything when passing through the metal detector.

Medicines, dietary products or baby foods for consumption during travel are only permitted in hand baggage by means of medical proof of their need during the flight period;

In the hold baggage there are also some items that are prohibited, such as explosives, flammable gases, liquids or solids, toxic substances, radioactive materials, corrosive products and automobile fuels.

The complete list of prohibited articles is available on the website of the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC).

Minimum advance for Check-in:

Flights Schengen area 90minutes

Non-Schengen Flights (Europe) 120 Minutes

Intercontinental flights 180minutes

The Website of ANA – Airports of Portugal provides more data on how passengers and luggage is boarded and disembarked at airports.

Self Check-in

Some airlines offer self check-in machines. Check with your airline.

Passenger Rights

Passengers have rights guaranteed in the event of cancellation or delay of the flight and denied boarding, i.e. in situations where the number of travellers exceeds the total number of seats available and citizens are unable to board. In these cases, airlines are obliged to benefit passengers with ticket refunds or transport alternatives. However, passengers also reserve the right not to accept the proposed conditions and claim compensation. In any case, the air operator must also provide meals and drinks, as well as hotel accommodation, including transfers and media if necessary. These rights are not confirmed in situations where the airline warns in advance of the cancellation or refusal of the flight.

If passengers suffer personal injury or death in an accident, the airline must also reward those targeted and advance the amounts necessary to meet any economic needs that arise.

Tour operators may also be subject to compensation if they do not provide all the services promised on package trips. On this subject you can consult the website of the Directorate-General for Consumer, which explains all the measures to be taken.


At European level, the body that refers citizens wishing to make complaints is Europe Direct Freephone (e-mail:

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and Transport also follows up complaints and informs on the news of the procedures put in place (e-mail:;

In Portugal it is possible to contact the National Institute of Civil Aviation.

Try to carry a carry-on bag with wheels to be easier transportation.


Try to carry a hand bag with wheels to be easier transportation

You should have one or two changes of clothes in your carry-on baggage in case the rest of your baggage is lost.

Take a coat, because sometimes the air conditioning is cold.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes during flights. If you have to board in an uncomfortable outfit (coming from a meeting, for example), carry in your carry-on luggage a change of light clothing and a comfortable shoe or shoe to change on board.

Always close your bags with a padlock or secret. Always take a copy of the key with you on board, keeping it in a different place than the original.

You must carry valuable or fragile items in your carry-on baggage, but note that it is only allowed to carry small amounts of liquids, such as water, gels, toothpastes, creams or lotions, sprays, liquid-solid mixtures, foams, deodorant, etc. Fluids must be transported in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. The bottles must be packed in a clear, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. Liquids are always shown at the security checkpoints where they are examined;

In carry-on baggage it is not possible to carry, for example, firearms, mum, sharp objects (including razorblades), explosives (such as matches or drinks of an alcohol content greater than 70%) and chemical and toxic substances (e.g. batteries at risk of spillage or poisons). Do not carry in hand luggage: nail clippers, files, knives, scissors, knives or sharp objects, sprays, sticks, among others also prohibited.

Do not carry metal objects, such as metal jewelry, and any piercing objects such as cuticles remover, sharp-tipped hairhooks, etc. All this can go in your bag, but it will certainly be confiscated when you pass the metal detector before boarding due to security measures.

Passengers with special needs must be informed of the conditions for transporting products in liquid or gel.

Do not carry wrapped gifts, you may have to unwrap them.

Start thinking the suitcase always from the underwear, sleeping clothes and bathing clothes, which are easier to solve.


Tip: You can use very compact microfiber towels, commonly used in water sports. They are very light, occupy a minimum volume and are super absorbent.

Count the number of days and calculate an average of two top pieces for each bottom piece. For the field, sometimes it is better to count a piece from above to each one from below.

Combine the colors so that the pieces are interchangeable.

Ask a friend who has already visited the destination about the temperature and see the weather forecast on the internet.

Remember that in the mountains or on the mountain usually cool down at night. And that the interior is sometimes hotter than the beach. If the place is too humid, add more socks.

Do not take clothes that you do not usually wear, because the most certain is not to wear it at all.

Prefer non-denting parts or easily drying fabrics if you need to wash them.

Leave the full clothes separate from the day of travel.

Choose a lightweight bag that has rooms.

Put it all on the bed and make sure you can’t get 30%. Then see if you can get another 10%…

To pack the bag, start with the heavy pieces and avoid folding them many times. Don’t leave any empty space, go filling each corner with something smaller like underwear or accessories.

Attention to the liquids you carry in the hold baggage; put everything in individual bags tightly closed so as not to run the risk of disemnext and dirty the entire contents of the suitcase.

Anticipate the need for plug adapters, as you may have to connect computers, phones, hair dryers or others to the current. Usually these adapters are found in the destination cheaper than in Portugal, but check the possibility of purchasing them there in good time.

Take a Kit with the medicines you usually take, as you may not find it for sale at the destination where you are going to travel or you may need a prescription or else your prescription may not be accepted.